Solid wood

most suitable material for the production of any furniture
can be shaped and modified in many ways (milling, varnishing etc...)
can be repaired
lasts longer than other materials used in joinery

DTDL - Laminated chipboard sheets

most frequently used material
low price and simple manipulation
can be cut but not modified as solid wood
extensive selection of colours and decors
easy to wash
extensive selection of colours and decors
not resistant to humidity (danger of swelling and after drying does not return to its original shape)
cannot be repaired

MDF - medium density fibreboard

multifunctional alternative to solid wood
low price and simple manipulation
suitable for many types of modification (varnishing, veneering, milling inside surfaces and of edges)
natural material without the use of glue
not resistant to humidity


surface material produced from a number of layers of thicker veneer
cross-glued together for greater strength
returns to original shape after being exposed to humidity


thin solid wood sheet
glued on suitable surface boards
once glued together the board appears as solid wood
milling not possible but can be combined with solid wood where milling process is possible